Kit home timber framed building made easy

We can supply a kit, build to lockup stage or fully build your new home.

Are you ready to build your own timber framed home ? Come and take a closer look at Getaway Homes, we specialise in kit supply, build to lockup stage or we can fully build your new home. Specialising in stumped, pole and concrete slab construction. Our designs are timeless and allow owners to build their own home in any situation and on any block size. See our many designs which can be modified to suit your living requirements.

As builders and kit supply specialists we deliver owner-builders, builders or clients wanting us to build their new home a package to suit. With all building, planning documentation supplied and also construction advice along the way Getaway Homes are considered leaders in this section of the Western Australian building industry. We have specialised in timber framed construction for decades.

Timber framed construction is the most sustainable method of building available to consumers today. We only use renewable plantation pine timber treated to the correct codes, which of all common building material on the market today has the lowest amount of embodied energy. This essentially means less greenhouse gas emissions from the building of our homes when compared to other construction methods. Many of our staff are accredited HIA GreenSmart Professionals and their knowledge of energy efficiency principles is applied in our construction and home design ensuring you a comfortable and energy efficient home.

Timber framed construction is the most economical way of building throughout regional and suburban Western Australia, and with savings of up to 40% when you build a home yourself why not give it go ?

Talk to our friendly sales representatives to find out more about experiencing the self satisfaction of supervising and building your own home. Or if you would rather allow us to build and design your new home for you. Phone 1300 812 128