About the company

Getaway Homes is a building division of Total Home Frames that is totally dedicated to supplying quality kit homes to the owner-builder, building to lock up stage or fully built construction. Our unique designs have been created with ease of construction in mind, for the owner who wants to build their home, saving money and gaining self satisfaction.

As builders, we have been building new homes and supplying kits since 1997. We have designed a range of homes dedicated to kit supply and ease for the owner-builder. All our designs are engineered using floor and roof trusses and pre-made wall frames for ease on site for the owner/builder. The pre-manufacture of these major components also saves with construction time. All our designs are pre-engineered using the latest truss technology, which provides greater strength to the building, and gives the owner/builder more confidence with their kit purchase. As you will see from our homes ranging from the Cottage series (1 bedroom x 1 bathroom) through to our larger Homestead series (5 bedroom x 2 bathroom) there is a choice for every owner-builder and for every site.

Getaway Homes is situated at the offices and loading yards of Total Home Frames north of Perth at 11 O’Connor Way in Wangara.

Building Characteristics and Methods
All of our raised, stumped kit homes are environmentally friendly as they require little if any earth works leaving the ground area under the home in its natural state. This eliminates costly earth works and avoids the added costs of paving, concrete slabs and retaining walls. If required though we can supply our kit homes ready to be built on a concrete slab.

Our engineered flooring method utilises a long-reach style of floor truss that has many benefits for the owner-builder. It reduces the amount of stumping which keeps construction costs down, and creates large open spaces under your home for use as car parking, workshops, storage or entertaining areas.

Stumped and pole-framed homes are extremely strong and can withstand the test of time. These styles of homes are often constructed in cyclone and earthquake-prone areas. Getaway Homes are cyclone rated and very suitable for the variety of soil types found throughout Western Australia.

GreenSmart and Energy Efficient
Our kit supplied timber framed homes are constructed using renewable plantation resources, resulting in a near carbon-neutral product. This is almost the complete opposite of typical steel-framed and clay brick homes that release enormous amount of greenhouse gases into the environment during the manufacturing process. In opposition, our houses incorporate timber and fibre cement products that have a low embodied energy. Embodied energy is the energy consumed by all of the processes associated with the production of a material. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by manufacturing building materials is highly correlated with its embodied energy. The embodied energy of a fibre cement clad timber-framed wall system can be up to 60% lower than a clay brick wall. Therefore our plantation-sourced timber-framed houses that incorporate fibre cement products are one of the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible building systems employed in the Australian building industry. Our clients can make a difference to their world by simply choosing to build a smarter way – a timber-framed kit home.

Our kit supplied homes are highly energy efficient, meaning that your daily energy usage for heating and cooling will be minimised, now and into the future. We have large verandas around the home to protect from sun and rain, the result of which is a more stable indoor temperature throughout the day. Cross-ventilation is maximised by selective placement of windows and doors. North-facing windows allow for utmost heat gain during winter. Other strategies for improving energy efficiency include double-roof insulation, fully-insulated external walls and even internal wall and floor insulation. We design all homes to have minimal heating and cooling requirements, saving you money in the long term. Good thermal performance of a kit home will not only mean lower energy bills but will provide you with a comfortable, healthy, naturally lit home, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and gain personal satisfaction in making a difference.

Getaway Homes is committed to best practise approaches to sustainable design and building aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many of our employees are accredited GreenSmart Professionals. The GreenSmart Professionals Program is a HIA industry initiative for achieving more environmentally responsible housing solutions. Some of our employees are ABSA certified to conduct natHERS building thermal performance assessments required by the Building Code of Australia. Also known as energy efficiency star ratings, these assessments evaluate and can make improvements to the thermal efficiency of a new house design in different climate zones.

Our Kit Home Designs
We have three ranges of homes available in our kit supply designs, The Cottage Series, The Panorama Series, and The Homestead Series.

Our budget range of kit supplied homes are the Cottage series which have been designed to cater for granny flats from one bedroom and one bathroom in size, up to a three bedroom and one bathroom holiday homes. There are four designs available in this range of cottages which have become very popular for the owner-builder. These designs can also be built to lockup stage or fully built.

Our larger range of kit homes is our Panorama series. These designs are suited to fit on a suburban or town block of 20 metres wide or just as suitable on a country acreage. As the name implies the Panorama series are designed to maximise the outdoor views from all rooms in the home. So if you want to take advantage of ocean, bushland or rolling hills this is the owner-builder design for you. These designs can also be built to lockup stage or fully built.

The final range of kit supply homes, our Homestead series, has been designed to send a statement! These large, ranch style designs similar to the Queenslander design are well suited to large acreage properties. The front elevations of these homes are impressive – broad and eye catching and the houses designed with easy living in mind. These designs can also be built to lockup stage or fully built.

Please contact your sales representative on 1300 812 128 to discuss purchasing one of these timeless designs.