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Getaway Homes is a building division of Total Home Frames that is totally dedicated to supplying quality kit homes to the owner-builder, building to lock up stage or fully built construction. Our unique designs have been created with ease of construction in mind, for the owner who wants to build their home, saving money and gaining self satisfaction.

As builders, we have been building new homes and supplying kits since 1997. We have designed a range of homes dedicated to kit supply and ease for the owner-builder. All our designs are engineered using floor and roof trusses and pre-made wall frames for ease on site for the owner/builder.

Our building
styles and methods

All of our raised, stumped kit homes are environmentally friendly.

They require little if any site works leaving the ground area under the home in its natural state. This eliminates costly site works and avoids the added costs of paving, concrete slabs and retaining walls. If required though we can supply our kit homes ready to be built on a concrete slab.

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Green at heart

Our kit supplied timber framed homes are constructed using renewable plantation resources, resulting in a near carbon-neutral product. This is almost the complete opposite of typical steel-framed and clay brick homes that release enormous amount of greenhouse gases into the environment during the manufacturing process. In opposition, our houses incorporate timber and fibre cement products that have a low embodied energy.

Embodied energy is the energy consumed by all of the processes associated with the production of a material. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by manufacturing building materials is highly correlated with its embodied energy. The embodied energy of a fibre cement clad timber-framed wall system can be up to 60% lower than a clay brick wall. Therefore our plantation-sourced timber-framed houses that incorporate fibre cement products are one of the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible building systems employed in the Australian building industry. Our clients can make a difference to their world by simply choosing to build a smarter way – a timber-framed kit home.

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