Kit supply benefits

Kit supply benefits for owner builders, builders and consumers

There are many benefits in constructing and supervising the building of your own home. One of the most important today is constructing your home out of the ownly renewable resource available treated timber. Benefits with construction ease, higher natHERS star ratings, sustainable building practises and the low green house emissions all homes should be built with this method. Read on to see the many other benefits of building with the Getaway Homes kit supply system.

  1. Costs – From a cost perspective, owner/building is of great benefit. Savings of up to 45% can be achieved by building your own home.
  2. Energy Efficiency – All our homes are rated to a minimum natHERS 6 star plus rating, with some designs reaching nearly 9 stars in certain climate zones. Our kit supply designs are assessed by ABSA natHERS Energy Efficiency Assessors, giving you the very best advice on the energy usage (heating and cooling loads) before you build your new kit home. For more information see our company profile to read about the GreenSmart and the Energy Efficiency benefits of building a stumped or concrete slab treated timber home.
  3. Environmentally friendly and Green – Treated pine is the only renewable timber resource available for construction that can be considered environmentally friendly and green. Timber construction (including weatherboard) requires 60% less green house gas emissions in its production phase (known as a product’s embodied energy), when compared to steel frame and brick construction methods. As a result timber-framed construction has a low embodied energy. As a home builder you can make a difference to the world by simply choosing to build a smarter way – a timber framed home.
  4. Pest protection – All structural materials in our kit supply are treated. This includes right through to the roof trusses. Depending on their purpose we utilise H2 treated timber through to H5 grade treated timber. As a result no ground chemical spraying is required during construction of our homes as we exceed the Australian Standard AS3660.1 for pest protection. Ask your representative for more information.
  5. Getaway Homes uses H5 treated timber poles in their stumping. This grade of treatment is designed for constant and full submersion in fresh water. Due to this grade of durability the materials in our kits/homes will not suffer corrosion problems as with some kit materials on the market.
  6. Cyclonic and Seismic strength – All our home designs have a Cyclonic and Seismic rating as per the engineer’s detail and can be upgraded to specific area requirements.
  7. Lightweight for construction ease – All truss and wall frame components in our designs can be handled by two people due to the strong but light properties of treated pine. All our components are structurally intact and therefore they are not flimsy before they are erected as with other kit suppliers.
  8. Speed of construction – Getaway Homes building methods supplying pre-manufactured materials trusses and wall frames which allows for quicker build times compared to all other construction methods. The majority of your kit home is pre-built before it reaches your building site.
  9. Home designs and design changes – All our home designs can be modified to suit your needs by experienced designers. You will be given advice during the design stage from qualified energy efficiency assessors to maintain the buildings heating and cooling loads to save you money through the life of your home.
  10. Stumping or concrete slab – All our designs are kit supplied on a stumped floor system as standard or if required can be supplied ready for a concrete slab. There are huge cost benefits building on a stumped floor system, no earth works for one! Ask your representative about the differences and cost savings.
  11. Planning and Building Permits – Our experienced Getaway Homes consultants will supply you with all the necessary documentation to gain planning/development approval on your new home. Also give professional advice on the Residential Design Code/Council requirements associated to your land zoning. As builder’s we also supply all documentation required for you to gain your Building Permit so you can start construction. This includes working drawings, engineers’ report and soil analysis, natHERS energy efficiency certification, BAL advice and compliance, HIA building contracts and specifications, Building Commission owner/builder application form and septic system application forms where applicable. We step you through these processes and help with any shire/council queries during permit processing. Ask your representative if you have any queries.
  12. Support – All our kit supplied homes come complete with a DIY building manual including truss, wall frame and stump positions with drawings all marked for construction ease. There is a phone backup service as a part of the kit supply and 1-2 day building assistance, or longer if required (note : additional costs will apply). We are committed to making sure your owner built kit home meets with your complete satisfaction, and help is never far away.
  13. Delivery – All our kit supplied homes can be delivered to your building site

(costs will apply). Ask your representative for a quote.

  1. Finance – We can help you through the finance jungle! We have qualified and licensed personnel you can talk to about financing your new owner built kit home.
  2. Warranties – All our kits have a manufacturer’s warranty on the treated timber framing materials of up to 25 years and Weatherboards of up to 35 years. Ask your representative for more details.
  3. Kit supplied areas – All our kits can be supplied as far north as Geraldton and south to Esperance. Ask your representative if you are outside these areas.